Where I’ve Been and What Comes Next?


(That title was totally a Hamilton reference.)

Oh, and you know. I’ve just been here, twiddling my thumbs, sipping iced tea and lounging under the sun. NOT.

It has been months since I’ve written something here. When I started this blog, I planned on transferring my old reviews from my old blog here, but it didn’t pan out. Since most of those were reviews of 2015 books, it feels too outdated to post them here now. What about my 2016 reads? Didn’t I read 120 books last year? Why didn’t I post a single review of those books here?

The answer to that is the answer why I have been absent here for such a long time—school.

I had pride over my time management skills long before I established my previous blog and this one. Unfortunately, no one told me how hard third year of college was going to be. I survived the first semester barely breathing. There were tons of stuff that needed to be done all at once. I barely had time to read (I rushed to finish my Goodreads Reading Challenge), much less to actually write a sensible review for those books I read. So, instead of giving what meager followers I have here a mediocre output, I decided to just not to post anything until I’m ready.

A few days ago, my friend, Kuya Raf of The Royal Polar Bear Reads sent me an e-mail asking if I wanted to be featured on his book blog. He sent a set of interview questions along with it and as I was reading it over, enthusiastic answers just popped into my head. So it got me thinking about this blog again. It felt so good to imagine being actively writing reviews again and I felt that while answering the interview questions. Because school r no school, I’m a reader and writer down to my core.

As I sent back the interview questions, this time with answers and my positive response to being featured in Kuya Raf’s blogger spotlight, I thought, well, I gotta do the spotlight justice. So, here I am, writing this to explain and to announce something I really wanted to see through.

I’m back. Yes, I will be writing book reviews and other book-related features again and I will post it here.

And you know what? It feels gosh darn great to be able to say that.

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